Tampere is located on the south of Finland between two lakes, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. It is a great city to visit for children and adults! Also known as the Sauna Capital of the World!

In Tampere, the only problem for sauna enthusiasts is the embarrassment of riches as the range is so wide. You can choose the soft heat of the oldest public sauna in Finland, or the atmospheric warmth of the newest public sauna in Finland – and anything in between.

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Tampere has various museums and numerous events, fascinating cultural experiences and amazing lake views to match the relaxed atmosphere. It is also home for the adventure park Särkänniemi with a lot of attractions, and an observation tower, many rollercoasters, mini-zoo, planetarium as well as aquarium.

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Tampere is also home for Moomis’ museum, that recreates the atmosphere of famous Finland writer and painter Tove Jansson’s fairy tales. These alone, will make your children want to come back for more.

Or maybe you are a fan of Lenin or perhaps the past factory workers of the Finlayson cotton mill? Tampere is quite possibly the most interesting museum city in Finland. From historical exhibitions to modern art and interactive exhibitions, no one gets bored in the many museums of Tampere!

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Thousands of congress delegates and over one million travelers visit Tampere every year. Many of them arrive Tampere by plane. Tampere is internationally known as a city of technology, often going in the forefront of development.

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Tampere can also be a destination for active sport lovers, as there are many great golf fields in this region as well as fishing. The fifth part of this region is covered with lakes and water rapids.

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The landscape also offers Tammerkoski that runs through city center, and a little bit further to the forest, the world’s highest gravel ridge, Pyynikinharju. The city is surrounded by two big lakes.

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The food culture of Tampere is versatile and highly valued. Tampere is also defined by our local treats of black sausage with lingonberry sauce and the world’s best doughnuts. The best way to get to know the city is to head to one of the lovely restaurants, idyllic cafés or relaxed pubs and breweries of Tampere.

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For peace of nature or something more extreme – Tampere is your place!

Tampere is also a home to many craft breweries whose products have risen to worldwide fame and even won many international prizes. Maybe do a tour of them?

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Finland is famous for its clear and amazing nature, there are lakes of different sizes in the Lakeland and around Finland. This nature feature makes fishing in Finland so popular. Finland is a real find for those who are hunger for fishing! There are all conditions  needed for fishing here. Ecology in Finland is one of the most successful in Northern Europe and cozy cottages are always ready to offer accommodation, restaurants and all needed equipment for fishers.

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Maybe you want to take a cruise around Viikinsaari?
Or maybe you want to enjoy Mustalahti harbours tasty food, live music and lakeside atmosphere all through the summer? Tampere has it all.

Some events to look into:

Festival of Light

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Finland is an ideal place combining the speed of motion as well as the serenity of nature. We can offer you many winter activities such as snow-shoe walking, skiing and skating, swimming in ice hole, ice fishing and many others. Maybe you want to tour Tampere area in ice skates? Or swim in the icey cold water?

Some events to look into:

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For the whole month of December, the Central Square Keskustori in Tampere will turn into a Christmas village, full of scents and feeling, unique artisan products and the genuine Christmas spirit. The artisan vendors at the Christmas Market offer a selection of high-quality utensils, ornaments, jewellery, presents and toys. There are also products made to meet the customers’ wishes as well as various gift ideas to choose the perfect presents from. The mulled wine café has found its place as a meeting place for all those in search of the season’s feeling. It has been expanded from previous years, and the Munkkikahvila offering the world famous doughnuts will be open again at the Christmas Market.

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